sparklingclassy: Omg youre making new themes?! YAY. I've been theme hunting for the past like.. month.. and I'm in love with 10 of yours and it's so hard to narrow down! Your themes are all beautiful:) 

Thank you soo much I’m gonna start so soon I was on vacay so I got busy

Just letting all my followers know that I’m back

Sorry that I’ve been on such a long break from theme making, my life has just been so busy in the past few months, thank you to all of you who still follow and support the blog and look forward to some new themes in the next few days! Until then, check out some of the themes already posted here if you haven’t seen them 


Anonymous: yeah i know i'm asking for, but she never put this :| 

I’ll see what I can do :)

Anonymous: can you do a theme equivalent to this? With similarities? The creator of it never put the theme on your site: luxuriousfashionprincess(.)tumblr(.)com and this: overdoseofglamour(.)tumblr(.)com, i'm not ask you for do a equal theme but maybe equivalent you know, i'm waiting so bad :| thanks xx 

Its very similar to my flowery theme except with rounded borders, I’ll look into it though but I do know it was by sheer-elegance I could ask her to publish it x

rearranges: so for like the sidebar picture of theme 21 i removed it and i want to add my own how do i do that? 

you’ll have to add the image url to where you removed it

hawaiian-coco-deactivated201401: hello! So, I've been using your amazing themes, but many of them get cut off on the sides because the format is different from my computer format. (your theme also!) 

unfortunately this tends to happen if you have a smaller screen resolution, i haven’t been able to come up with a solution for that yet, but you can change the positions of the theme to accomodate your screen resoulution, i can give you more specifics in a private message x

luxuriousglamour: how can i put a border around a description? where do i put it in the code? 

under wherever your sidebar code is add

border: 1px solid #COLOR;

you can make the border thicker by changing on to a larger number and you can also change the style by changing solid to dashed, dotted, or even double depending on what you prefere

revamps: Hey! How do you make a signature? (: 

I just make mine on photoshop and add it to my code

asummonerslight: I'm using the theme Reminiscence and the post have gone weird as you can see mainly with the photosets. So I went back to the code and everything is the same, Now I have no Idea what to do to fix it or make it look right yanno? :( Please help <3 

what exactly is wrong with it I cant see any of your photosets right now

trust-n-believeee-deactivated20: hey can i get the password for the innocence theme please 

its right underneath the post 

fadingloves: Hello :) So I have the theme" Luxury Fever" which has 3 columns and I'll like to change the font to something else, like "Calibri" or "Arial" so I was wondering how can I do that change? xoxo 

replace the word handy with the font you want although if you do that it may look strange on other computers

glitter-in-wonderland: hi! i'm trying to get your "beloved theme" but the password isn't working. can you help me please? xox 

do you have caps lock on? or are you capitalizing any of the letters?

l-ittlelagerfeld: hi! i'm using theme #55. i had only 1 question; in the tab bar is says 'you have entered my blog', i want to change that, but how do i do that? xo 

press ctrl+f and search уσυ нανє єηтєяє∂ му вℓσg then replace it with whatever you’d like

sanela-95: hii. I was just wonering have I could get "stats go here" away? I using the pretty little liars theme :) 

Fill it in with your stats in the customize page x

spicedcove: Is it okay if i see your faded images?c: 

Sure x